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FAQS For Diaspora Clients

We understand that you are interested in finding the right investment property but are also concerned about being taken advantage of and losing your money. Because we have worked with many overseas clients, we understand their concerns and have prepared a few answers to questions our clients usually ask us. Feel free it to use it as a resource as you look for the best property investment for yourself.

Who is Karibu Homes?

Established in 2012, Karibu Homes is Kenya’s prominent real estate developer dedicated to providing affordable housing in Nairobi. Karibu Homes was recently recognized as the best housing development company in Africa by Africa Property Investments. API awards are given for notable achievements in the development of real estate on the continent to companies that not only meet industry standards and expectations, but also aspire to raise the development standards across the industry in future.

Karibu Homes has earned the Trusted Investment Partner status with top banks such as Barclays, Commercial Bank of Africa and Kenya Commercial Bank to provide mortgages to buyers.

Phases 1 and 2 of the 20 acre development have been completed. 285 units have already been build and 90% sold out and 150 of these are currently occupied.

I hear a lot about ‘fake’ titles?

As a developer we own the mother title to the property. All units receive their own titles as soon as the payment is completed, and land office authorizes them. You can do your own due diligence and check the title at the Nairobi Lands Office. Here is a copy of the mother title for Karibu Homes.

What if I need a mortgage?

As a Trusted Investment Partner with top banks in Nairobi, we can help buyers find mortgage products that are specially designed for diaspora clients who live abroad and are available at an interest rate well below the market lending rate. Please contact us if you need more information and we can connect you with advisors from top banks such as Barclays, Commercial Bank of Africa, KCB and others to help you find a mortgage that suits you best.

What if I don’t have a relative who can visit the site?
No problem. We have worked with clients who don’t have relatives in Nairobi or who for whatever reason do not want to involve a relative in the process. In situations like this, you can either visit when you come to Kenya or select your home from our website at

You will also find a video link to the property location and amenities here You can also check testimonials from some of the home owners already living there here

I want to be sure I don’t lose my money.

We understand that it can be hard to trust a company that you have never met face to face and especially with the bad press some companies have received. We do not work with any external agents or middle man. Your payment is made directly to us. We are a financially stable organization with international investors. You can find out more about us at Alternately, you can have a relative you trust invest on your behalf. Some of our overseas clients do not like to involve relatives in financial transactions and here is how they have worked around that.

They apply for a mortgage with a reputable bank in Kenya and as soon as the mortgage is approved and the process completed, they pay down the mortgage which not only ensures that their money is safe with their bank but they can take advantage of the mortgage products for diaspora clients.

How complicated is the legal process?

We understand that being outside of Kenya you don’t have the time to find lawyers, visit the land office to verify documents or may be deal with the legal process. You don’t necessarily need to hire your own lawyer if you don’t want to. You can choose to work with Anjarwalla & Khanna, Advocates, the law firm that Karibu Homes uses. Most lawyers charge a fee of 1.25% of the property value but we have negotiated a discounted standard rate for our clients. Our law firms can prepare all the documents needed for sales and registration of the property in your name. All you need is to have the documents authorized by your notary service overseas to complete the process. If you still prefer to have a lawyer in Kenya to work on the legal documents on your behalf, we can connect you with reputable law firms in Kenya.

What does the mortgage process involve?

We can connect you with advisors at top reputable banks in Kenya. The appraisal process can be completed in a week with the bank. Once you have the letter of intent from the bank, we can prepare a sales agreement to be submitted to your bank. After the paperwork is signed, our lawyers work with the land office to arrange valuation, payment of stamp duty, prepare your lease for the property and release your title deed.